Angels Fly into St Annes 2016

Earlier this year my wife's friend told her about how another friend was busy knitting angels to distribute in the community just before Christmas had we heard about it? "No we had not" but what a great idea. We googled "Angel Bombing" or "yarn-bombing" and read about how this idea had originated in the North East and the way in which this had been welcomed in the community. On the website there was more information including the knitting pattern. We loved the element of surprise, how the angels in the darkness to announce Jesus has come to earth but who would knit the angels, who would get up at 4.00 a.m. to distribute them who…? We took some soundings and everyone was excited by the idea and said let's do it. Do it we have! Months of planning, a thousand angels knitted, the angels have flown into St Anne's Square, the Station, over the Crescent, up St Albans Road, into the YMCA and The Victoria Pub, along Church Road, Curzon Road and Hope Street Park as well as of course our Church. We at Church Road hope this will encourage you to remember that Jesus, by his coming many years ago, transforms lives and communities today as we share his love and peace.

Click on the link on the right for the Saturday distribution around St Annes

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